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Pan-American Exposition of 1901

Funds Allocated by New York State For Its Agricultural Exhibits

The following exhibit allocations are listed on pp. 23-24 of the Report of the Board of General Managers of the Exhibit of the State of New York at the Pan-American Exposition - transmitted to the Legislature March 27, 1902, (Albany, N. Y.: J. B. Lyon Company, State Printers, 1902.)

"During the summer of 1900 the time of the chief executive officer and the secretary was employed in obtaining information and data concerning various exhibits contemplated by the board. From time to time this information was placed before the executive committee, and early in October the following superintendents and directors of exhibits were chosen and allotments made:

Agricultural exhibit, J. H. Durkee of Sandy Hill, N. Y., superintendent salary $100 per month for twelve months: and John McCann of Elmira. N. Y., assistant superintendent : salary $75 month. Allotment for the exhibit, $15,000.

Dairy exhibit, George A. Smith of Frankfort, N. Y., superintendent: salary $1200 for the entire period of his service. Allotment, $5,000.

Horticultural exhibit, S. D. Willard of Geneva, N. Y., superintendent : no salary, except personal expenses, his assistant, F. E. Dawley, being allowed $1,000 for the entire period of his service. Allotment, $15,000.

Apiarian exhibit, Orel L. Hershiser of Buffalo, superintendent: salary $1,800 for entire period of his service. Allotment, $3,300.