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Thanks to you,

I can’t imagine my UB experience without thinking of the many hours I’ve spent in the University Libraries. I’m always in the library after class, typing away in one of the cozy cubbies of Lockwood Library or shuffling through my notes on Abbott Library’s second floor reading room, an underrated gem. Usually, I’m hidden away, hunched over my laptop or notebook, happy to have found study space away from home. Although you can sometimes find me in the Silverman Library study rooms for group work, I usually prefer the comforting solitude of silent study.

Whenever I need to inquire about using library resources, UB librarians point me in the right direction, like a lighthouse guiding a ship through troubling fog. While professors teach the material needed to succeed, librarians provide fundamental support; they are a lifeline I cling to whenever I feel lost in a sea of information. Librarians can navigate the catalog and databases with ease, addressing any of my concerns. Countless times, they’ve worked tirelessly to settle my fears about a daunting task at hand. Without our libraries and librarians, the heart of UB, where would I be?

Grace Osaba, UB undergraduate English student