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Thanks to you,

The first time I stepped foot in UB Libraries in 2021 was also my first day on the job as a student assistant. I didn’t know what to expect or where that role would take me. I had always loved libraries, but as a 2020 high school graduate, I did not often stray far from my dorm. When I started working for UB Libraries as a student assistant, I was greeted with such kindness by the library staff, I fell in love with both the job and the awesome resources offered by UB Libraries, like Delivery+. Since then, I have taken on several additional roles within the Libraries. Working both behind the scenes and upfront with the public feels like I get the best of both worlds! I am always trying to make connections and provide great service, and I try to carry this mindset into my work on the Libraries’ website by ensuring ease of use and mitigating accessibility issues. Now that I have earned a bachelor’s degree in English, I’ll be continuing my education through the University at Buffalo to pursue a master’s degree in information and library science. I have realized how rare it is to try on so many hats while still having the flexibility to focus on my studies, and for that, I am truly grateful!

Sophia Finger, UB graduate student