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Video Recording Studios

video recording studios

Whether you’re creating full-length video presentations or short class projects, our Video Recording Studios in Silverman Library make the process fast and easy.

Video Recording Studios are great for:

  • Rehearsing for class presentations
  • Presenting research papers, thesis or dissertation defenses
  • Creating videos for online instruction, such as MOOCs
  • Creating ePortfolio materials or video essays
  • Recording mock interviews or patient interactions
  • Green screen effects

Before you arrive
  • Make sure you have a reservation.
  • Dedicate a flash drive with a minimum of 500 MB free space just for video recording work. Sharing a drive with important files like class project assignments or research papers is not recommended. 1 GB will store about 25 minutes of recording.
At the time of your reservation
  • No food or drink is permitted in the recording studios.
  • Stop at the Silverman Service Desk to verify your reservation with your UB card.
  • Staff will unlock the studio and go over the equipment checklist with you.
  • Our software will automatically save your video file to your USB drive. If there is a problem saving please contact Library staff.
  • All workstations reboot promptly at midnight, removing anything saved to the desktop.

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