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Edward Goodrich Acheson Hall Annex

photo of building
Location: South

Historical Note:

Acheson Hall Annex is one of a number of temporary buildings erected in 1966 to provide needed classroom space.


An inventor and industrialist, Edward Goodrich Acheson worked for Thomas Edison from 1880-1886.  He developed silicon carbide and founded the Carborundum Corporation.  The Acheson family and the Carborundum Charitable Foundation contributed $250,000 toward the construction of Acheson Hall (now the Pharmacy Building) built in 1959 as a hall of chemistry.  Acheson Hall Annex is named for its close proximity to what was then Acheson Hall.

  • 1966 -- (June) Construction on the Acheson Hall Annex was completed.

Original Architect: Butler Inc.
Construction Cost: $116,000
Original Size: 10,118 gross sq. ft.