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Grover W. Wende Hall

photo of building
Current Name: Grover W. Wende Hall
Former Name: Hochstetter Hall
Location: South

Historical Note:

Wende Hall is one of four buildings on UB's South Campus that was originally part of the Erie County Almshouse and Hospital (the others being Hayes Hall, Townsend Hall and Hayes Hall Annex D). Wende Hall was built in 1885 as the maternity hospital for the Erie County Almshouse. 

When UB purchased the South Campus site, buildings that were not demolished were renovated to fit the Neo-Classical style envisioned for the entire campus.  Wende's renovations included an additional third story, a cornice above the third story windows and an interior reconfigured for classrooms and laboratories.

In fall 1956, an extensive 36,000 square foot addition was completed. At the time of its construction, the addition was often referred to as a new building adjoining the "old Physics Building" and had its own cornerstone laying and dedication ceremonies.  After a major renovation in 2008-09, Wende Hall is now home to UB's School of Nursing with expanded state-of-the-art classrooms, research center, and specialized laboratories to accommodate a growing student population.



Grover William Wende (1866-1926), a prominent physician and graduate of University of Buffalo Medical School, who was also a Professor in the Medical School for many years. He served on the Surgeon General's Advisory Committee for the detection and treatment of venereal and skin diseases during World War I.

Ralph Hochstetter (1869-1955) was President of Cliff Petroleum Co. and Director of Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co.

  • 1885 -- (September) Construction of the Erie County Almshouse and Hospital's maternity hospital is completed
  • 1926 -- The building is renovated, adding a third floor and exterior stylings that were meant to fit the Neo-Classical theme of the campus. The interior was reconfigured for classrooms and laboratories.
  • 1955 -- (June 2) University Council decided to name a new building in honor of Ralph Hochstetter
  • 1955 -- (July) Construction on a new physics building adjoining the "old" physics building is started
  • 1955 -- (October 8) Cornerstone ceremony for the addition
  • 1956 -- (Fall) Completion of the 36,000 square foot addition
  • 1956 -- (September 29) The old and new physics buildings together are dedicated Ralph Hochstetter Hall
  • 1977 -- (January 26) SUNY Board of Trustees renames Hochstetter Hall Grover W. Wende Hall. The name Hochstetter Hall was transferred to a new building on the University's North Campus
  • 2009 -- Renovations are completed and Wende Hall becomes the home of the UB School of Nursing

Original Architect: Jesse Porter
Construction Cost:
Original Size: 17,627 sq. ft.

Renovation Architect: James Meadows and Howard
Renovation Cost: $750,000
Renovation Size: 36,000 sq. ft.