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Your UB Card serves as your library card. Current UB students, faculty and staff may use their cards to check out books and other materials at any campus library.

Self Checkout

Download the UB Libraries App

  • download apple app
  • download google app

Using the App

  • Touch START at the welcome screen.
  • Sign in using your UBITName.
  • Verify your UBITName using two-step verification.
  • In the checkout screen, tap "+" to check out items.
  • Scan the barcode(s) of material(s) you are checking out.
  • Select Finish.
  • Review items checked out through the app.

Instructions – using a Self Checkout station

Use the Self Check Kiosk

  • Select Start button on screen
  • Login by using either your UBCard or your UBITName and password

To log in using your UBCard

  • Select Card
  • Swipe your UB Card

To log in using UBITName and password

  • Select UBITName
  • Enter UBITName
  • Enter UBIT Password
  • Verify identity using Duo two-step verification

Scan barcode(s) on item(s).

  • Pick up the scanner and aim the red line at the barcode
  • Checked out items will appear on the screen

Select Finish.

  • Item is checked out to your account

Questions? Contact or visit any Library Service Desk.