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Gumshoes, Sleuths & Snoopers Search Results

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Beast In View

Author: Millar, Margaret

Behold This Woman

Author: Goodis, David

The Big Bite

Author: Travis, Gerry pseudonym of Louis Trimble

The Big Gold Dream

Author: Himes, Chester

The Big Kill

Author: Spillane, Mickey

The Big Midget Murders

Author: Rice, Craig pseudonym of Georgiana Ann Randolph Craig

The Big Sleep

Author: Chandler, Raymond

The Black Curtain

Author: Woolrich, Cornell

The Black Dark Murders

Author: Saber, Robert O. pseudonym of Milton K. Ozaki

The Blackbirder

Author: Hughes, Dorothy B.

Blind Alley

Author: Singer, Bant pseudonym of Charles Shaw

The Bloody Bokhara

Author: Gault, William Campbell

The Brat

Author: Brewer, Gil

The Brave, Bad Girls

Author: Dewey, Thomas B.

Bullets for the Bridegroom

Author: Dodge, David

The Burglar

Author: Goodis, David

The Butterfly

Author: Cain, James M.