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Frederick C. Slee

Frederick C. Slee Born: 1870
Death: 1954

Frederick Caldecott Slee (1870-1954) was known by his colleagues as a "businessman's lawyer -- a man of unerring judgement and keen insight into contracts that presented many ramifications. His high integrity and legal know-how won him the confidence and respect of associates" (Buffalo Evening News May 19, 1964). In 1923 Slee formed a partnership with John Lord O'Brian and others and in 1941 when he went to Washington to become general council for the Office of Production Management.

Both Frederick and his wife Alice were devoted to music. Frederick Slee was an accomplished pianist, violinist, violist and cellist and would often perform for friends in the Slee's music room in their house on Saybrook Place in Buffalo. It was largely due to Slee's efforts along with Cameron Baird and Samuel P. Capen that the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra was formed. After Frederick's death, Alice Slee sponsored the first performance of the Beethoven Cycle in 1955 performed by the Budapest String Quartet. In a joint will, the Slees left the bulk of their estate to the University's Music Department to continue the classical string concerts. Now an annual perforance, the Slee Beethoven Cycles are very popular today.

Affiliation(s): Music, Benefactor
Record Group(s): 16, 3
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