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Grace M. Knox

Grace M. Knox Born: 1862
Death: 1923

Grace Millard Knox (1862-1936) established the Seymour H. Knox Foundation in 1916 when she donated $250,000 ($500,000 today) enabling the University to establish its first College of Arts and Sciences in Townsend Hall on Niagara Square in downtown Buffalo. Mrs. Knox wrote to the University at that time:

"We can think of no finer purposes in creating a memorial in memory of Mr. Knox than be permitted to assist in the upbuilding and development of an institution of learning such as the City of Buffalo should possses" (Grace Knox to UB Councilman Andrew Raymond, February 15, 1916 -- Julian Park Papers, 15/2/119, #4.4).

Affiliation(s): Benefactor
Record Group(s): 3