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V.B.3.b. [V.B.3.a.]: Partial Later Typescript of the "Calypso" (4) Episode for The Little Review and Ulysses (1918)

Material Description and Collation

The manuscript consists of 5 loose sheets of paper, of which Spielberg described pp. "3"–"6" as "thinner" and p. "7" as "heavier" paper. They are single-spaced typewritten top copies in green ribbon; the versos are blank. Spielberg notes that (together with MS V.B.3.a.ii; that is, the rest of [V.B.3.a]) these pages were originally "held together with a gold-colored paper fastener on the top left corner (first sheet detached from fastener) (52)." The fastener is no longer with the manuscript and the holes it made have not been repaired. The sheets were cleaned, de-acidified, backed with protective paper and encapsulated in May 1988. 


Pages [3]–[6] measure 27.0 x 21.4 cm. and p. [7] measures 27.4 x 21.1 cm.


The sheets are paginated "(3)"–"(7)" in the upper center margin in pencil, in black ink on pp. [3]–[5], and in pencil on pp. [6]–[7], probably by Joyce.


This manuscript is a later typescript version of a portion of the "Calypso" episode and was prepared from the revised (now missing) pages of the earlier typescript. Since no copy of the typescript of the "Lotus Eaters" episode is known to be extant, it is not possible to determine the number of pages of the complete "Calypso" and "Lotus Eaters" episodes but based on a collation of the printers’ pagination the two episodes together they would have consisted of 21 pages. Each page of this typescript contains corrections in Joyce’s hand in black ink and on pp. [3]–[5] and [7] in blue and black inks. The text on the pages is as follows:

MS V.B.3.b Ulysses 1922 (1992) / 1984
p. [1]: [p. "(1)"] Missing
p. [2]: [p. "(2)"] Missing
p. [3]: p. "(3)" 55.09–56.06 / 4.075–110
p. [4]: p. "(4)" 56.07–57.12 / 4.111–154
p. [5]: p. "(5)" 57.12–58.23 / 4.154–203
p. [6]: p. "(6)" 58.23–59.24 / 4.203–244
p. [7]: p. "(7)" 59.24–60.34 / 4.244–293
Undetermined number of pages Missing


The typescript was prepared probably in March or April 1918.

Other Markings: There are markings in black crayon on pp. [3], [4], [6] and [7] and purple ink smudges on p. [3].


This manuscript has been reproduced in black and white photo-facsimile on JJA 12.263–267.


Internal evidence suggests that the same typist, probably with the same typewriter, prepared both the earlier and the later versions of the typescript of this episode. No pre-Rosenbach manuscript versions of the "Calypso" or "Lotus Eaters" episodes are known to be extant. The first placards of "Calypso" were set in mid June 1921.