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Ulysses Second Placards (Galley Proofs): Unrevised Fourth Settings of the Text ("Telemachus" to "Sirens")


The manuscripts are sheets of pulp paper. The placards are printed on one side only and all the versos are blank. There are no corrections or revisions.


The manuscripts consist of 18 large sheets, folded to make 8 leaves as follows: eleven proofs, 1 copy each of placards I–IV and 2 copies each of Placards V–XI, with 8 pages of text per sheet, each with 37 lines of text, except for V.C.1.C.11.a & b, which consist of 4 leaves with 4 pages of text, each with 37 lines of text.


Each sheet measures approximately 47.2 x 74.0 cm., unevenly folded in octavo, except for MSS V.C.1.C.11.a & b, which consists of only four leaves: they measures approximately 47.2 x 36.5 cm., folded in quarto.


The individual pages of text are numbered consecutively (except for MS V.C.1.C.1.i, pp. [1–3]) from p. 4 to p. 23, p. 28 to p. 46, p. 48 to p. 52, p. 55 to p. 70, and p. 74 to p. 83, with even numbers in the upper left and odd numbers in the upper right corners of the pages, in the same layout as published first edition of Ulysses . The start of each of the episodes is on unpaginated pages (that is, placard I, p. [ 1 ], placard III, p. [8], placard VI, p. [5] and placard IX, p. [4]), except for the start of “Proteus”, placard V, p. [3], which is paginated "39 bis" in the top center margin. The start of the first section of Ulysses is indicated on placard I, p. [1] as “I”. The start of Part II, the “Odyssey” section, placard VII, p. [3], is designated "II" and p. [4] is blank. Placard IX is paginated "67–[70]" and "74-77". Pages [7] and [8] of Placard X are blank. Even though the last page of placard X is paginated "p. 82", placard XI is paginated pp. "81 to 84". The placards are designated by signature numbers as follows: "Placard I" on MS V.C.1.C.1.i, p. [1], etc. in the upper left corner of the first page of each sheet.

The individual pages of text are numbered relative to the first edition as follows:

Manuscript Page Numbers
Placard I: V.C.1.C.1 "[1]–8"
Placard II: V.C.1.C.2 "9–16"
Placard III: V.C.1.C.3 "17–[24]"
Placard IV: V.C.1.C.4 "28–35"
Placard V: V.C.1.C.5 "38-39, 39bis, 40–42"
Placard VI: V.C.1.C.6 "43–50"
Placard VII: V.C.1.C.7 "51–58"
Placard VIII: V.C.1.C.8 "59–66"
Placard IX: V.C.1.C.9 "67–70" and "74–77"
Placard X: V.C.1.C.10 "78–83"
Placard XI: V.C.1.C.11 "81–84"


The manuscripts are all the fourth setting of the text in proof and were set from the revised second settings of page proofs (Buffalo MSS V.C.2.A.1.ii–5.ii) of the first five episodes. This setting of proofs all correspond to level 4 in CSE . The revised copies of these placards were used to set-up the third set of page proofs, which are in the Harry Ransom Center, the University of Texas at Austin.

Episode(s) MSS V.C.1.C. Placard and setting Text in 1922; 1986
1. "Telemachus" 1.i I.i: [001].01–008.37; 001–219
1. "Telemachus" 2.i II.i: 009.01–016.37 ; 1.220–512
1. "Telemachus" & 2. "Nestor" 3.i III.i: 017.01–024.27; 1.513–2.028
2. "Nestor" 4.i IV.i: 025.01–032.37 ; 2.028–323
2. "Nestor" & 3. "Proteus" 5.i.a & b V.i: 033.01–040.28; 2.324–3.131
3. "Proteus" 6.i.a & b VI.i: 040.29–048.27; 3.131–434
3. "Proteus" & 4. "Calypso" 7.i.a & b VII.i: 048.28–056.37; 3.435–4. 142
4. "Calypso" 8.i.a & b VIII.i: 057.01–064.35; 4.143–441
4. "Calypso" & 5. & "Lotus Eaters" 9.i.a & b IX.i: 065.01–073.05; 4.442–5.179
5. & "Lotus Eaters" 10.i.a & b X.i: 073.06–079.12; 5.179–406
5. & "Lotus Eaters" 11.i.a & b XI.i: 079.13–083.27; 5.406–572


MS V.C.1.C.1.i ( placard I) is dated 18 August 1921 and all these manuscripts were set in late August 192. The marked copies were returned to Darantiere by 2 September 1921, at which time the third page proofs of the text were set-up.

Other Markings

The printers’ label is affixed in the left margin on MS V.C.1.C.1.i, p. [1] it is dated (see Dating, above) and addressed to "Mlle. Beach".


MS V.C.1.C.1.i, p. [1] was reproduced in JJA 17.096. The remaining Buffalo manuscripts have not been reproduced, but the marked copies of these galley proofs were reproduced in JJA 17.097–200.


All the duplicate, marked copies of these Ulysses placards are in the Houghton Library, Harvard University.