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Digital Scholarship

UB Libraries’ Digital Scholarship serves as a hub connecting the diverse communities at UB who engage with digital tools and methodologies in their research, teaching and publishing. We offer consultations on digital projects and host workshops on a variety of tools and methods.

  • Digital Scholarship Studio and Network

    The UB Digital Scholarship Studio and Network – located on the 3rd floor of Lockwood Memorial Library – provides ongoing assistance for faculty and students across the university who are building digital content and systems, bringing together potential research partners and creating new research opportunities especially for projects linking sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities.

  • Getting Started

    New to digital scholarship? Start here. This research guide provides a general introduction to the wide-ranging methods of digital scholarship, including information on tools and resources for digital projects and information about library services that support digital research and pedagogy.

  • Projects at UB

    Many digital projects have been created at UB by faculty, students and library staff. The UB Libraries partners with scholars on digitally inflected research projects, innovative classroom technology, and new ways of communicating knowledge through interactive, multimedia web publishing.

  • Our Vision & Goals

    During the 2018-2020 pilot phase of digital scholarship in the UB Libraries, we are actively working towards several goals. We envision the libraries playing a central role in developing and supporting digital scholarship initiatives across UB’s many campuses, schools, departments and research centers.

  • Promotion & Tenure

    Digital technology has transformed academic research, teaching and publishing, but many disciplines have been slow to develop promotion and tenure criteria for evaluating digital scholarship, as such work is often collaborative, interdisciplinary and non-traditional in format. These resources offer an introduction to debates, guidelines and considerations on this topic.