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1970-1971 Buffalo Bulls Basketball

by Scott Hollander
University at Buffalo Libraries

By Scott Hollander

Buffalo head coach Ed Muto

Buffalo head coach Ed Muto

The 1960s were definitely over.  The 1970s had arrived. And with it, new opportunities and new challenges to Buffalo Athletics.  The 1970-1971 marked the debut of new Buffalo head coach Ed Muto, who replaced Dr. Len Serfustini.

The previous 1969-1970 season saw both a player boycott and lost games due to UB campus unrest. When it was over, three of the Bulls’ best players, Steve Waxman, Ron Gilliam, and Guy Vickers transferred to other schools. And yet with all the distractions, the 1970-1971 season still held promise. Ed Muto called the upcoming campaign as “The finest schedule this school has ever played.”  It certainly was ambitious.

Buffalo versus Syracuse

Buffalo versus Syracuse

College Basketball Powerhouses

The Bulls started their season with a home game against Syracuse and road games against Maryland and North Carolina – Charlotte.  It ended it on the road playing the Cincinnati Bearcats. Although Buffalo lost all their games to these traditional college basketball powers (a 109-70 beating against Maryland was particularly brutal), the experience seemed beneficial as the Bulls easily whipped lesser teams.

Curtis Blackmore

Curtis Blackmore

The Bulls played three of the games in the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium: the season opener against Syracuse, as well as transitional rivals Niagara and Buffalo State. Buffalo State’s Randy Smith hit a jump shot at the buzzer in the Aud as the Bulls lost in heartbreaking fashion, 87-85.

Star Bulls Players

Outstanding sophomore was 6-foot, 6-inch center, Curtis Blackmore. Blackmore scored 28 points and picked off a school-record 29 rebounds to lead the Bulls to a 96-62 trouncing of Stony Brook. He also received the Most Valuable Player award. Others like Tony Ebner, Phil Knapp, Neil Langelier, Rick Mantanle and Roger Kremblas helped to bring victories for the Bulls.

1970-1971 Buffalo Bulls Basketball Season

Date Home Team Score Visiting Team W-L-T Location
12/2/1970 Buffalo 70 – 80 Syracuse L Buffalo, NY#
12/5/1970 Maryland 109 – 70 Maryland L College Park, MY
12/7/1970 North Carolina – Charlotte 64 – 46 Buffalo L Charlotte, NC
12/10/1970 Buffalo 106 – 56 Toronto W Buffalo, NY
12/12/1970 Buffalo 80 – 73 Central Michigan W Buffalo, NY
12/17/1970 Northern Illinois 77 – 71 Buffalo L DeKalb, IL
12/26/1970 Buffalo 61 – 80 Northeastern L Scranton, PA*
12/27/1970 Buffalo 81 – 60
Fairleigh Dickinson W Scranton, PA*
1/15/1971 Eastern Michigan 88 – 76 Buffalo L Ypsilanti, MI
1/20/1971 Buffalo 66 – 71 Akron L Buffalo, NY##
1/23/1971 LeMoyne 80 – 72 Buffalo L Syracuse, NY
1/27/1971 Albany 76 – 61 Buffalo L Albany, NY
2/3/1971 Buffalo 77 – 90 Niagara L Buffalo, NY#
2/6/1971 Buffalo 86 – 69 Point Park (PA) College W Buffalo, NY
2/10/1971 Rochester 72 – 86 Buffalo W Rochester, NY
2/12/1971 Buffalo 101 – 83 Wayne State W Buffalo, NY
2/13/1971 Buffalo 84 – 68 Ithaca W Buffalo, NY
2/15/1971 Buffalo 85 – 87 Buffalo State L Buffalo, NY#
2/20/1971 Buffalo 96 – 62 Stony Brook W Buffalo, NY
2/23/1971 Ball State 87 – 76 Buffalo L Muncie, IN
2/26/1971 Buffalo 87 – 86 Brockport State W Buffalo, NY
3/2/1971 Cincinnati 86 – 59 Buffalo L Cincinnati, OH

Home Court: Clark Memorial Gymnasium
Coach: Ed Muto

# Game played at Buffalo Memorial Auditorium

* Game played at Scranton, PA as part of the Scranton Holiday Basketball Tournament

## Game plated at Erie Community College.