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Fisk (Robert S.) Papers, circa 1950-1977

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17/2F/359 Abstract:

Papers of Robert S. Fisk, mainly concerning collective bargaining at the State University of New York (including at UB), but also broadly in higher education; Buffalo school desegregation; and courses he taught at the University at Buffalo. Also includes his research, reports, writings, and correspondence.

Some coverage of regional and state committees on education, including: Eastern Regional Institute for Education; New York State Citizens Committee for the Public Schools; Cooperative Development of Public School Administration Institute; as well as local and national conferences on education.

Carton 1, 1953-1973: New York State Citizens Committee for the Public Schools; Cooperative Development of Public School Administration; New York State Educational Research Association; New York State Education Department; conference reports and programs.

Carton 2, 1955-1970: UB Select Committee for Equal Opportunity; Eastern Regional Institute for Education; UB Education Department Phase Plan.

Carton 3, 1970-1975: UB courses; subject files a to z.

Carton 4, 1964-1977: collective bargaining; Rochester Study of Superintendents for Regents; Senate Professional Association.

Carton 5, 1963-1974: Bucklew chapter; Buffalo school desegregation; Center for Policy Studies; collective bargaining; international education and studies; Minority Faculty; Senate Professional Association.

Carton 6, 1970-1976: policy modules; research and reports; Senate Professional Association; SUNY Equal Opportunity Plan; SUNY/United; writings and publications.

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Topics: Education History, UB People
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