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Furnas (Clifford C.) Campus Site Study Task Group records, 1963-1964

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4/9/24 Abstract:

On July 3, 1963, President Furnas wrote a memo expressing his personal thoughts and opinions about the size and growth potential of the (then present) Main Street campus. He suggested either a split campus site or an entirely new site. At the UB Fall Conference, September 19-20, 1963, John A. Beane brought the problem and possible solutions before the faculty and administration.

On October 7, 1963, Claude Puffer wrote a report entitled,
“Should We Consider a New Campus?” and in November presented an “Alternate Master Plan for SUNYAB.”

By this time, the campus community was becoming interested in the future of the University. Furnas called a Campus Location Discussion on December 23, 1963. At that time, information about the present campus and alternate future sites or additions were discussed. Furnas appointed the Campus-Site Study Task Groups and provided them with statistics and other information.

On January 10, 1964, Furnas presented a memo with approximate reactions and preferences of the Campus-Site Study Task Groups. Then, on January 15, he sent each Task Group a copy of his recommendations to SUNY on the Buffalo Campus site(s). By late January and early February, each committee had reacted with approvals, corrections, additions, and suggestions.

Furnas wrote a “Recapitulation of Site-Selection Arguments” on February 3, 1964.

The collection includes 3 copies (in most cases) of reports and memos exchanged during the period July 3, 1963 to February 3, 1964.
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