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Ketter (Robert L.) evaluation records, 1974

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4/11/324 Abstract:

In 1973, the SUNY Board of Trustees established a five-year term appointment for Presidents, with reappointment contingent upon evaluation and review according to procedures spelled out in documents in this collection. Ketter was the first of the Presidents to be evaluated and seems to have been the first to undergo such an evaluation in the country.

The collection contains "Guidelines for the Review Process for the Chancellor and Presidents," Ketter's appraisal, and the "Final Report of the Ad Hoc Committee for Presidential Performance Review at SUNY/AB."

Ketter's appraisal is notable for his contextual narrative of the University at Buffalo in the years immediately prior to his term, through 1974. Included are his assessment of the University's relationship with the greater Western New York community; university administrative and governance structures; enrollment; campus and academic planning; and funding.

Topics: UB People, University History Resources
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