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Ketter (Robert L.) papers and memorabilia, 1954-1989

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4/11/797 Abstract:

Collection contains but is not limited to memos, correspondence, reprints, research notes, course materials, diagrams, photos, clippings and objects related to Ketter's career especially at UB, beginning in 1958 with notes on teaching civil engineering. Every major stage of his career is represented, including Deanship of the Graduate School, Vice Presidency of Facilities Planning, and department chair; also highlighted are his activities in the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Western New York Council on Health Care Planning, and Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society. A single box contains the records of Lorelei Z. Ketter acting in the capacity of personal secretary to Ketter, and includes her notes on University events, records of her participation in the preservation of the Darwin D. Martin House, and her own compilation of records on the University's art and antiques collections. Copies of publications significant in Ketter's career are also collected, including performance evaluations of Ketter's presidency.

Professional Papers -- papers, reports, memos and correspondence related to Ketter's work as a faculty member at UB, facilities planning VP, civil engineering consultant, BECHS board of trustees president, etc. in pre- and post-presidential times -- includes 3 cartons of papers related to Ketter's participation (1967-72) in the Western New York Health Care Council.

Presidential Papers -- Ketter's personal copies of memos, correspondence and miscellaneous reports pertaining to his duties as President of UB -- personal, faculty management, campus and facility development, also memorabilia and papers relating to sister university relationship with Kyoungpook University, S. Korea.

Papers of Mrs. Ketter -- correspondence and notes regarding Presidential and personal travel, social arrangements, and University-owned art and antiques from Mrs. Ketter's duties as personal assistant to President Ketter and as member of the Darwin Martin house preservation board. Includes background information on Frank Lloyd Wright and the Martin house collected by Mrs. Ketter.

Photos -- personal and family snapshots, Information Services photos and photos from other sources of Ketter with family and colleagues. Includes photos of formal and informal University functions such as visits from Korean higher education dignitaries and Ketter's visits to other countries while President. Also included are some of the functions for which Mrs. Ketter acted as planner showing table settings and arrangements.

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