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Office of the President monthly reports, 1964-1975

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5/1/213 Abstract:

These monthly reports give a broad overview of the University at Buffalo from 1964 to 1975 (reports were not created for the summer months of July and August). Heavy on statistics, included are enrollment numbers, at large and for academic units, and with comparisons to previous years. Data on campus buildings and planning, academic accreditations, evidence of faculty research and publication, awards, and policies, and university events are also included.

These reports cover pivotal years in the history of the University, namely the first decade as a state institution, expansion to the North (Amherst) campus, and student unrest. For example, the May 1964 report includes a description of President Furnas’ decision to allow Selective Service exams to be administered on campus. That decision prompted the first campus student sit-in on May 2. The report describes the decision, the concerns of the protesters, and the creation of a University Task Force Committee, made up of students and faculty.

Of particular note: Some files include the final reports, as well as the “raw data” and/or background material used to create the report. This background material offers highly detailed descriptions of faculty, departments, facilities, and events on campus, and may not have been written into the final monthly report. Researchers would be well-served to study this documentation.

Topics: Campus Unrest, University History Resources
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