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Partial Copy of the Typescript (with First Overlay) of the “Circe” Episode for Ulysses (1921)

General Material Description and Contents

The manuscript consists of 145 sheets of paper of various kinds and sizes (see below for details). The typewritten pages are all double-spaced, except those of MS V.B.13.e.5 that are single-spaced. Although Spielberg differentiated the sections of this typescript based on changes in paper kinds and sizes, it constitutes a single integral typescript of most of the episode. MS V.B.13.e.1 was prepared directly from the Rosenbach (faircopy) manuscript and the remainder of the typescript was made from the scribal copy (MS V.B.13.d) of the Rosenbach manuscript. Except for the printers’ setting typescript (MS V.B.13.h), this is the most extensive surviving copy. Joyce made an initial round of corrections and additions to all the copies of the typescripts (MSS V.B.13.e–h), but also made a second round of emendations only on the printers’ copy of the typescript (MS V.B.13.h).


The typescript was prepared from January to mid February 1921 by Raymonde Linossier and from mid February to 17 April 1921 by Mrs. Harrison and at least one other typist in Paris and revised by Joyce beginning in February 1921 for Ulysses (see LI 161) .


The typescript arrived in Buffalo in a red folder, held together by a metal fastener through perforations in the left margin, with a note in Sylvia Beach’s hand in pencil on cover that reads: “Folder Joyce kept the typescript of Circe and other parts of Ulysses in and in which he gave them to SB”. The typescript was removed from the folder, though the folder is still part of the Buffalo Joyce Collection, and the perforations in the sheets have not been repaired. There are 3 manuscript draft levels prior to the Rosenbach (faircopy) manuscript version: Buffalo MS V.A.19 and NLI MSS 36,639/12 and 35,598.

Individual Parts