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*VII.A.1.i [VII.A.3.]: Criticism: Partial Earlier Holograph Draft of the "Daniele Defoe" Lecture (1912)

Material Description and Collation

The manuscript consists of 3 sheets (folded into 6 leaves; 12 pages) of blue ruled paper that were detached from a notebook and folded in half, only 4 pages (pp. [1r], [2r], [3r] and [4]) are inscribed in Joyce’s hand in black ink, with some corrections and additions; the remaining pages are blank.


Joyce numbered the first 4 rectos "(33"–"(36" in the upper right corner in black ink; the other pages are not numbered.


The manuscript measures approximately 16.4 x 20.4 cm.


The manuscript is a partial copy of an earlier draft of the lecture in Italian on Daniel Defoe that, together with Joyce’s lecture on Blake, was part of the series announced as "Verismo ed idealismo nella letteratura inglese (Daniele De Foe–William Blake)" (that is, "Realism and Idealism in English Literature") and presented at the Università Popolare, Trieste. The first lecture on Defoe took place on 9 February 1912 (see John McCourt, The Years of Bloom [Dublin: Lilliput Press, 2000], pp. 178–179). The location of pp. "(1"–"(32", if they survive, is not known.

Other Markings

There is a correction in lead pencil on p. [3r].


Joyce probably wrote this manuscript in February 1912 before MSS VII.A.2.a.i and VII.A.2.b.i.


This manuscript has been reproduced in black and white photo-facsimile on JJA 2.170–173 but only the extended conclusion on pp. [3] and [4] (pp. "(35" and "(36") were edited and translated by Joseph Prescott in Daniel Defoe (Buffalo Studies, vol. 1, no. 1 [State University of New York at Buffalo: Buffalo, December 1964]), p. 27, and in Occasional, Critical, and Political Writings, edited by Kevin Barry (Oxford: Oxford World Classics, 2000), p. 332, n. 49; hereafter cited as OCPW.


There is a one-page typescript version of these pages of the manuscript, by Stanislaus Joyce, in the Cornell Joyce Collection, item 44 (that is not reproduced in the JJA). There is no further evidence of the missing pages of this earlier draft of the lecture.

The sheets were folded twice and there are two holes through the center margins, presumably where these leaves were once bound together.