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VII.A.3.b: Typescript of the Second Part of the "Daniele Defoe" Lecture (1912)

Material Description and Collation

The manuscript consists of 9 sheets of single-spaced typewritten black ribbon top (original) copies, watermarked "MADE IN DOCELLES | VOSCES | THE BEST PAPER", with corrections in black ink on pp. [1], [2], [3], [5], [6] and [7]; the versos are blank.


Headed "D A N I E L E D E F O E | (II)" on p. [1].


The typist numbered pp. [2]–[9] "2. (part II)"–"9. (part II)" in the upper left margin in pencil; p. [1] is not paginated.


The manuscript measures 26.8 x 20.9 cm.


The typescript was made from MS VII.A.2.b.i.

Other Markings

There is a note on p. [4] in lead pencil, possibly in Beach’s hand, in between lines 10 and 11, which reads "page missing?" and is surrounded by a half-circle, also in pencil.


This typescript was prepared for Joyce in 1912 by Jane V. Meles (see Sylvia Beach’s noted by on MS VII.A.4).


This manuscript has not been reproduced and was not listed in Spielberg but this text was edited and translated by Joseph Prescott in Daniel Defoe (Buffalo Studies, vol. 1, no. 1 [State University of New York at Buffalo: Buffalo, December 1964]).


The sheets were folded once horizontally.