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VII.A.4: Envelope with Corrections for the Typescript of "Daniele Defoe"

Material Description and Collation

The manuscript is an off-white envelope, with writing in Beach’s and possibly Meles’s hands black and blue ink and lead pencil on the recto and in black ink on the verso.


The envelope is titled "Manuscript | of Daniele Defoe | by James Joyce" in Meles’s hand on the recto in black ink; Sylvia Beach subsequently crossed out "Manuscript of" in blue ink.


The manuscript measures approximately 33.5 x 27.8 cm.


The manuscript contains a list of corrections to be made to the typescript of Joyce’s "Daniele Defoe" essay (MS VII.A.3.a & 3.b), in Meles’s hand. The envelope was also subsequently used to store the manuscript and typescript of "Daniele Defoe," as is indicated by Beach’s notes on the envelope (see Other Markings).

Other Markings

On the recto, beneath Meles’s title, Beach wrote the following note in blue ink and in lead pencil: "given to SB by J.J. | (only the typescript copy by Jane v. Meles) | MS in book with transparent leaves". At the top of the recto, Beach wrote "JJ MS DANIELE DEFOE" in lead pencil.


This manuscript is not dated; it was presumably prepared in 1912, with MSS VII.A.3.a & 3.b.


This manuscript has not been reproduced and was not listed in Spielberg.


The envelope was never sealed normailed. The envelope is lightly stained on the recto and verso and there is a black ink stain on the verso.