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XXII. Other Miscellaneous Material

Folder 1

Invoice from Ad. Schmitz & Co. (Trieste); 23 March 1920.

Folder 2

Newspaper clipping, probably from the Paris Herald, detailing Abraham Rosenbach’s visit to Paris; n.d. [?1924].

Folder 3

Drawing of Joyce by [?Tor]; 1925.

Folder 4

“This Quarter” publication announcement and subscription solicitation; 1 January 1926.

Folder 5

Odeon Editions catalog, in Czech; 1926.

Folder 6

Catalogue of Adolf Hoffmeister’s “Visages” exhibition, featuring a caricature of Joyce; December 1928–January 1929.

Folder 7

Presumably the address of Nora Joyce’s clinic in Neuilly on the verso of a Shakespeare and Company business card, with notations in Beach’s hand; n.d. [?1928].

Folder 8

Black Sun Press publications announcement; January-March 1929.

Folder 9

4 receipts for a piano from Georges Hamm, each signed by Joyce, with envelope with notations in Beach’s hand on it; 10 June 1929.

Folder 10

Menu of Restaurant des Trianons, with notation in Beach’s hand; n.d. February 1930.

Folder 11

transition insert detailing prices for “back numbers”; n.d. [before 1 August 1930].

Folder 12

Addresses and other notations, possibly in Joyce’s hand; n.d.

Folder 13

Various news clippings relating to John O’Sullivan, with O’Sullivan’s business card with notation in his hand; 13 March 1932.

Folder 14

Typed biography and repertoire of John Sullivan, with notation in an unknown hand on the verso; n.d.

Folder 15

James Joyce Society announcement; before 13 June 1947.

Folder 16

Large map of Dublin , with notations on the recto, possibly in Beach’s hand; 1948.

Folder 17

Correspondence, announcements, articles and various other miscellaneous material related to the Buffalo Joyce acquisition; November-December 1950. 9 iteMS .

Folder 18

Announcements of Buffalo Joyce collection exhibition; 18 April 1951.

Folder 19

Article from the Buffalo Evening News entitled “Sylvia, Queen of the Left Bank; 21 March [?1959].

Folder 20

Reproduction of Ulysses first ed. prospectus used as an invitation to Buffalo Sylvia Beach collection display; 9 December 1959.

Folder 21

4 typed bottom copies of the insurance valuation for the Buffalo Beach collection, with separate note, probably in Oscar Silverman’s hand; 27 September 1960, 15l.

Folder 22

Gotham Book Mart James Joyce catalog; 1960.

Folder 23

File of Buffalo archivists’ notes on the Joyce/Beach collections; n.d. [after 1960].

Folder 24

File of photostats and other reproductions of correspondence and manuscripts in the Buffalo Joyce/Beach collections; n.d. [after 1960].

Folder 25

French Theatre programs detailing performance of “The Voice of Shem”; 7 April 1962.

Folder 26

New York Times press clipping detailing “Bloomsday 1962”; 15 June 1962.

Folder 27

Bottom copy of Jack Dalton’s partial list of the Joyce/Beach collections, with notations in an unknown hand; 1965, 6l.

Folder 28

Section of a French leaflet entitled “Les Notes, Leurs Signes et Leur Emploi,” with pencil notations in an unknown hand, possibly Joyce’s, n.d., 1l folded as 2l, recto–verso, recto–verso.

Folder 29

“Design for a Bench,” with an envelope from “Menuiserie Mécanique” addressed to Joyce, and with notations in Beach’s hand on it; n.d.

Folder 30

Xerox copies of a Times Literary Supplement newsclipping detailing the Buffalo Beach collection exhibition; 15 June 1962.

Folder 31

Assortment of various iteMS related to the Buffalo Joyce Collection; 1953-1979. 25 iteMS .

  1. All iteMS are a single leaf, recto only unless otherwise stated.