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Polish Documents

Polish Royal Documents

21 sheets of parchment of varied dimensions, in Polish and Latin. The links in the descriptions for these documents connect to their images.

  • Sigismund August (1548-1572) - two letters
    Letter dated 1568; front and back. Letter dated 1572
  • Stephen Batory (1576-1586) - signature on a parchment document 1585; front and back.
  • Sigismund Third Vasa (1587-1632) - four documents with his signature.
    Document dated 1590; front and back. Document dated 1611; front and back. Document dated 1626. Document dated 1630; front and back.
  • Ladislaus Fourth Vasa (1632-1648) -three documents with his signature. Document dated 1643; front and back. Document dated 1646; front and back. Document dated 1647; front and back.
  • John Casimir (1648-1668) - two privileges with his signature.
    Document dated 1650; front and back. Document dated 1653; front and back.
  • John Third Sobieski (1674-1696) - four documents with his signature.
    Document dated 1676 Document dated 1682; front , top of the back and bottom of the back . Document dated 1687; front and back. Document dated 1693; front, long view of the back and wide view of the back .
  • Prince Charles Stanislaus Radziwill - letter dated 1699; front and back.
  • August Second of Saxony (1697-1733) - three documents with his signature.
    Document dated 1698; front and back. Document dated 1701; front and back. Document dated 1722; front and back.
  • Stanislaus August Poniatowski (1764-1795) - privilege in Latin with his signature and the seal of the Kingdom of Poland.

Letters and Manuscripts

  • Canceled checks written to the National Polish Committee of America signed by Ignacy Jan Paderewski, Mme. Helena Paderewski, Roman Dmowski, Cardinal Dalbor, and Cardinal Sapieha, 1920.
  • Letter from Stefan Zeromski to H. Stankiewicz Zand , dated 12 October 1924.
  • Letter from Jakub Mortkowicz to H. Stankiewicz Zand, dated 24 November 1924
  • Letter from J. M. Niemcewicz to Monsier Rosienkiewicz of Philadelphia , dated 27 May 1838.
  • Letters from Maria Dabrowska to H. Stankiewicz Zand , dated 18 May 1934, 26 February 1935, and April 1935, with photo of Dabrowska; carbon copy of a letter from Stankiewicz Zand to Dabrowska, dated 11 April 1935; review of Dabrowska's Noce i d nie , written by Stankiewicz Zand.
  • Poster appealing to Poles in Paris, 24 July 1990. Opening words "Polakom z pod zaborow Polacy. Poznajcie polskie pamiatki, instytucye polskie".
  • Appeal from Ladislas (Wladyslaw) Plater to an American, addressed only as Monsieur, regarding foundation of the Polish Library in Rapperswill, Switzerland, dated 15 October 1870. In French.
  • Letter from Maria Konopnicka to a Chicago library, dated 20 January 1904.
  • Photo of drawing by Kosciuszko ("Miss Mary")
  • Letter from Leonard Chodzko to "Ziomku", dated 20 sierpnia 1837, Paris, regarding the biography of Kosciuszko.
  • Manuscript: "The Polish theater after the war". Wl. Zawistowski; translated from Polish to English by Helen Stankiewicz Zand. 1936.
  • Correspondence regarding the Zawistowski translation, between H.S. Zand and Thomas H. Dickinson, 1936-1937.
  • Manuscript: "Literatura polska w Ameryce: Polacy w literaturze amerykanskiej". H.S. Zand. 15 pages.
  • Manuscript: "Ferdinand Goetel's Through the flaming East; synopsis. H.S. Zand, translator.
  • Proclamations and certificates for Pulaski Day, 1979; and Communist Martyr Day, 1977.
  • Manuscript: "Odezwa do braci Polakow w Ameryce," dated 1887, signed by Erasmus J. Jerzmanowski, Fr. Dabrowski, [et al.]. Appeal on behalf of the Polish National Fund.
  • Manuscript: "Appeal to the friends of Poland in the United States of America" asking for support for the new library at Rapperswil, Switzerland, by Ladislas Plater, dated 11 December 1889. In English.
  • Manuscript: "Division de Guyenne, Regime Royal-Pologne, Cav., Memoire pour un conge ..." dated 21 April 1789, 1p.
  • Letter from J.U. Niemcewicz to James McEvans. New York, dated 1 February 1808. Concerns bank business.
  • Ex libris plates from the collection of Aleksander Janta.

Rare books

  • Cydippe: ad serenissimum et invictissimum Sigismundum Tertium Poloniae et Svetiae Regem. Valentini Paschalij P.A. Rome, 1662.
  • Rerum Polonicarum. Aleksander Guagnino. Frankfurt, 1584.