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X. Correspondence from James Joyce: Revised September 2010

Note (September 2010): After the cataloguing of the correspondence from James Joyce in 2008 (and its listing on line), twenty-two more unpublished letters and notes from Joyce to Sylvia Beach were found in the Buffalo Joyce Collection. This further correspondence has necessitated the renumbering of the listing as set out below. The 2008 catalogue numbers have been retained in the square brackets so that now the square brackets contain: the Spielberg number; the JJSB number; and then the 2008 Buffalo catalogue number (for example: the first renumbered item is X.C.22 [X.B.13.; #16; X.C.21]). For reference a chart outlining the revised ordering is available.

  1. A: George Antheil
  2. B: Cyprian Beach
  3. C: Sylvia Beach: 1– 279 – 2010 additions to catalog listing
  4. D: Dorothy Bennett
  5. E: Imprimerie Bruillard
  6. F: Bennett Cerf
  7. G: Benjamin H. Conner: 1–3
  8. H: Nino Frank
  9. I: Lewis Galantiere
  10. J: Lady Augusta Gregory: 1–2
  11. K: Michael Healy
  12. L: Maurice Hirschwald
  13. M: Benjamin W. Huebsch: 1–16
  14. N: Sister Mary Gertrude [Margaret Alice Joyce]
  15. O: Nora Joyce
  16. P: [?Manuel] Komroff
  17. Q: Valery Larbaud
  18. R: George Lepers
  19. S: Shane Leslie
  20. T: Wyndham Lewis
  21. U: Elkin Mathews: 1–2
  22. V: Monro, Saw & Co.: 1–2
  23. W: Myrsine Moschos: 1–5
  24. X: Francois Pietri
  25. Y: John Quinn
  26. Z: Grant Richards: 1–27
  27. ZA: Madame de Sanoit
  28. ZB: Nicholas Santos
  29. ZC: John and Marguerite Sullivan: 1–3
  30. ZD: Claude Sykes

Not addressed

  1. ZE: [?Tisserand]
  2. ZF: [?Rascher & Cie.]
  3. ZG: [?La Sirene]

Revised ordering