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Variant Copy of the Later Ulysses Typescript (1921)

Material Description and Collation

The manuscript consists of 5 sheets of blue ribbon top copy typescript on unlined paper unevenly pasted together to form a scroll, with typescript on the rectos of each sheet and on the versos of the 1st and 2nd sheets.


“U L Y S S E S” was typed in the top center margin of the 3rd sheet.


The sheets measure approximately 20.7 x 17.6–20.9 cm. and together the scroll measures approximately 20.7 x 93.4 cm.


This manuscript is another variant copy of the later typescript schemata (for further information, see MS V.A.1.b.i, Notes).


The manuscript was typed in late November 1921.

Other Markings

On the verso of the 1st sheet the heading “Ulysses” is typed and underlined in red ribbon ink, surrounded by dashes along the top and bottom borders and vertical dots (colons) on both sides. Sylvia Beach’s name and address are written in her hand in the upper right corner in black ink. Below that there is also a notation in Beach’s hand in pencil that reads: “given to SB by JJ”. On the verso of the 2nd sheet another border with dashes and dots (similar to that on p. [1] verso) is also typed in red ribbon ink.


This manuscript has not been reproduced.


At present the manuscript scroll has become separated into three parts: the first and second sheets (39.7 x 20.7 cm), the third and fourth sheets (36.7 x 20.7 cm) and the fifth sheet.

This copy of the schema was enclosed in an envelope with a notation on the recto in Beach’s hand in ink that reads: “Joyce gave S B 2 plans of Ulysses | No 1 signed Buffalo coll. | No 2 unsigned in this envelope” (see MS V.A.1.b.1).