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Further Variant Copy of the Later Ulysses Typescript (1921)

Material Description

The manuscript consists of 4 loose sheets of unlined paper; it is a typed bottom (carbon) copy with black ribbon ink, with typescript only on the rectos of each sheet. Each sheet was folded in half vertically in the center.


“U L Y S S E S” was typed in the top center margin of the 3rd sheet.


Each sheet measures 20.9 x 26.9 cm.


This manuscript is yet another variant copy of the later typescript schemata (for further information, see MS V.A.1.b.i, Notes).


The manuscript was typed in late November 1921.


This manuscript has not been reproduced.


This schema was in an envelope on which Beach wrote: “2 copies | Plan of Ulysses”, first in pencil and then over it in blue ink. Directly below this she wrote “1 typed copy | giving copy from JJ [r] SB | to Joyce’s Tower” in pencil.