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Later Faircopy Manuscript of the Final “Sentence” of the “Penelope” (18) Episode (1921)

Material Description and Collation

The manuscript is composed of 5 loose sheets of large unlined paper (similar in kind to MSS V.A.9 and V.A.20), which were perhaps torn from a notebook. Joyce wrote on the recto pages only (the versos are blank), all in black ink, with a mark in pencil on p. [3r]. The sheets were cleaned, de-acidified and individually encapsulated in March 1988.


The sheets measure 30.4 x approximately 19.8 cm.


Joyce foliated pp. [1r]–[4r] “1)”–”4)” towards the bottom of the left margin of the recto pages in pencil. The fifth leaf is not paginated.


The manuscript contains a later faircopy version of the end of the “Penelope” episode and of Ulysses . The text on each page of this manuscript is as follows:

V.A.22 PageCorresponding Text on the Earlier NLI MS 36,639/14 Corresponding Text on the Later Buffalo TS V.B.16.c Ulysses Text 1922 (1992) / 1986
[1r]: “1” pp. [14r] & [13v] pp. “44”­–”45″1 726.08–727.27 / 18.1368–1425
[2r]: “2” pp. [14r], [13v], [15r] & [14v] pp. “45”­–”46″ 727.27–729.01 / 18.1425–1474
[3r]: “3” pp. [16r], [15v] & [17r] pp. “46”­–”47bis” 729.01–730.18 / 18.1474–1528
[4r]: “4” pp. [17r], [17v] & [18r] pp. “47bis”­–”48” 730.18–731.28 / 18.1529–1576
[5r] pp. [18r]–[19r] pp. “48”­–”49″ 731.28–732.24 / 18.1577–1611

Other Markings

During conservation, therefore after the manuscript’s publication in the JJA , the recto of each leaf was marked “V. A. 22. 1″–”V. A. 22. 5” in lower right corner in pencil. There is a rust stain from a paperclip in the upper right corner of p. [5v].


Joyce wrote this manuscript in the summer of 1921 in Paris.


The manuscript has been reproduced in black and white photo-facsimile on JJA 16.293–297 and in color photo-facsimile in the Appendix of Ulysses: A Facsimile of the Manuscript, vol. II (New York: Octagon Books, 1975).


The manuscript had been folded horizontally and vertically in eighths.

  1. This is the printer’s pagination (see JJA 16.343–349).