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Duplicate Further Third Typescript of the “Ithaca” (17) Episode (1921)1

Material Description and Collation

The manuscript consists of 28 loose sheets of thin typing paper, with no additions or corrections. All of the pages are double-spaced typewritten purple ink bottom (carbon) copies; all the versos are blank.


The sheets measure approximately 26.9 x 20.7 cm.


The typist numbered the pages in the upper right corner; see MS V.B.15.g, Contents .


The manuscript consists of a duplicate further third typescript of the “Ithaca” episode that were prepared from the corresponding revised pages second typescript (see MS V.B.15.c). All the text is CSE level D. See MS V.B.15.g, Contents for the text on the page.


The third typescript of the episode was prepared in November 1921.


None of this manuscript has been reproduced.


There are water stains on the lower margin on p. [9] and there are traces of metal paper clips on pp. [10], [15] and [28v].

  1. Although this manuscript should be designated “V.B.15.f.ii,” Spielberg’s designation has been retained.