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Ulysses First through Third Settings of Page Proofs: Revised Second, Third and Fifth Setting of the Text ("Telemachus" to "Lotus Eaters")


The manuscripts are sheets of pulp paper printed on both sides, except for MSS V.C.2.A.1.i, pp. [1 and 3]; 1.ii, pp. [2]; 2.i, pp. [24 and 26]; 2.ii, pp. [24 and 26]; 4.i, pp. [54]; 4.i, pp. [54]; 4.iii, pp. [52]; 5.i, pp. [70] and 5.ii, pp. [70 and 72] that are blank. There are numerous corrections and revisions in Joyce’s hand on some manuscripts (see Contents), all in black ink.


The page proofs are in 8’s, each proof consisting of 8 unsewn leaves, with 2 leaves per sheet or 16 pages; the first and eighth, second and seventh, third and sixth, fourth and fifth leaves are conjugate. MSS V.C.2.A.2.iii.b and V.C.2.A.3.iii.b are folded and uncut in octavo.

The manuscripts consist of 32 copies of 1 to 3 settings of 5 gatherings, each with 8 leaves (except for MS V.C.2.A.1.ii, which contains only 7 leaves, that is, pp. 3–16), with 2 pages per leaf, all with 37 lines of text (except for the first and last pages of each episode; the first pages only have 27 lines of text) as follows:

Gathering(s) Setting Number of Copies
1, 2, 4 and 5 One 2
3 One 1
1–5 Two 3
2–5 Three 2


Each leaf measures approximately 23.5 x 18.5 cm., unevenly cut and folded in quarto, except for V.C.2.A.1.ii that measures approximately 47.0 x 74.4 cm. and V.C.2.A.2.iii.b and V.C.2.A.3.iii.b, which measure approximately 46.4 x 74.6 cm.


The individual pages of text are numbered relative to the first edition as follows:

Manuscript Page Numbers
Gathering [1]: V.C.2.A .1.i and 1.ii.a "[1]–16"
Gathering [1]: V.C.2.A .1.ii.b "[3]–16"
Gathering [1]: V.C.2.A .1.ii.c "[1]–16"
Gathering 2: V.C.2.A .2.i–iii "17–32"
Gathering 3: V.C.2.A 3.i–iii "33–48"
Gathering 4: V.C.2.A .4.i–iii "49–64"
Gathering 5: V.C.2.A .5.i–iii "65–80"

Except for gathering [1], gatherings 2 through 5 are designated by their signature number ("2"–"5") in the lower right corner of the first page of each gathering; that is, on pp. 17, 33, 49 and 65. MS V.C.2.A.5.i.a, pp. [69]–80 have been repaginated by the printer as pp. "71–82" in pencil.


These manuscripts were printed by the Imprimerie Darantiere, Dijon, France, for the first edition of Ulysses . They are the second, third and fifth setting of the text in proof. The first setting of the page proofs were set from the revised first placards (also known as "galley proofs"; see the unmarked set, Buffalo MSS V.C.1.A).

The revised copies of the first setting of the page proofs were used to set-up the subsequent, second setting of the page proofs; the second setting of the page proofs were used to set-up the second setting of the placards (see the unmarked set, Buffalo MS V.C.1.C); and then the second setting of the placards were used to set-up the third setting of the page proofs, as detailed below and in V.C.2.B.

V.C.2.A Chart 1:

New MS Number V.C.2.A.1 Spielberg MS Number Gathering and Setting (un)revised copies:
1.i.a V.C.1.1.a PP 1.1 revised
1.i.b V.C.1.1.b PP 1.1 unrevised
1.ii.a V.C.1.1.c PP 1.2 revised
1.ii.b V.C.1.1.d PP 1.2 revised
1.ii.c V.C.2 PP 1.2 unrevised
There are no copies of the 3rd Setting of Gathering 1 in the Buffalo Collection.
2.i.a V.C.1.2.a PP 2.1 revised
2.i.b V.C.1.2.b PP 2.1 unrevised
2.ii.a V.C.1.2.c PP 2.2 revised
2.ii.b V.C.1.2.d PP 2.2 unrevised
2.ii.c V.C.2 PP 2.2 unrevised
2.iii.a V.C.2 PP 2.3 unrevised
2.iii.b V.C.2 PP 2.3 unrevised
3.i V.C.1.3.a PP 3.1 revised
3.ii.a V.C.1.3.b PP 3.2 revised
3.ii.b V.C.1.3.c PP 3.2 unrevised
3.ii.c V.C.2 PP 3.2 unrevised
3.iii.a V.C.2 PP 3.3 unrevised
3.iii.b V.C.2 PP 3.3 unrevised
4.i.a V.C.1.4.a PP 4.1 revised
4.i.b V.C.1.4.b PP 4.1 unrevised
4.ii.a V.C.1.4.c PP 4.2 revised
4.ii.b V.C.1.4.d PP 4.2 revised
4.ii.c V.C.2 PP 4.2 unrevised
4.iii.a V.C.2 PP 4.3 unrevised
4.iii.b V.C.2 PP 4.3 unrevised
5.i.a V.C.1.5.a PP 5.1 revised
5.i.b V.C.2 PP 5.1 unrevised
5.ii.a V.C.1.5.b PP 5.2 revised
5.ii.b V.C.1.5.c PP 5.2 unrevised
5.ii.c V.C.2 PP 5.2 unrevised
5.iii.a V.C.1.5.d PP 5.3 unrevised
5.iii.b V.C.2 PP 5.3 unrevised
There are no copies of the 4th Setting of Gathering 5 in the Buffalo Collection.

V.C.2.A Chart 2:

Episode(s) Gathering Number and Setting: 1922; 1986 Text Page Proof Level/CSE Level
1. " Telemachus” 1.1: [001]–017.04; 1.001–516 1/2
1. " Telemachus” 1.2: [001]–016.37; 1.001–512 2/3
1. "Telemachus" & 2. "Nestor" 2.1: 017.04–030.01; 1.516–2.211 1/2 & 2
1. "Telemachus" & 2. "Nestor" 2.2: 017.01–030.01; 1.513–2.211 2/3 & 3
1. "Telemachus" & 2. "Nestor" 2.3: 017.01–032.37; 1.513–2.323 3/5 & 5
2. "Nestor" & 3. "Proteus" 3.1: 030.02–047.06; 2.212–3.375 1/2 & 2
2. "Nestor" & 3. "Proteus" 3.2: 030.02–046.28; 2.212–3.360 2/3 & 3
2. "Nestor" & 3. "Proteus" 3.3: 033.01–048.37; 2.324–3.444 3/5 & 5
3. "Proteus" & 4. "Calypso" 4.1: 047.06–063.24; 3.375–4.394 1/2 & 2
3. "Proteus" & 4. "Calypso" 4.2: 046.29–062.37; 3.360–4.370 2/3 & 3
3. "Proteus" & 4. "Calypso" 4.3: 049.01–064.35; 3.445–4.441 3/5 & 5
4. "Calypso" & 5. "Lotus Eaters" 5.1: 063.25–079.12; 4.394–5.406 1/2 & 2
4. "Calypso" & 5. "Lotus Eaters" 5.2: 063.01–076.12; 4.370–5.292 2/3 & 3
4. "Calypso" & 5. "Lotus Eaters" 5.3: 065.01–081.14; 4.442–5.483 3/5 & 5


The manuscripts were set from 27 to 30 June 1921:

New MS Number V.C.2.A. Spielberg Number ate JJA
1.i.b V.C.1.1.b PP 1.1 27 June 1921 22.002
2.ii.b V.C.1.2.b PP 2.1 29 June 1921 22.066
5.i.b V.C.2 PP 5.1 30 June 1921 22.232

The marked copies of the first setting of the page proofs were returned to Darantiere by 2 August 1921, at which time the second page proofs of the text were set up. Joyce returned the second setting of the page proofs before 2 September 1921, on which date Darantiere sent Joyce placards I–XI (see the unmarked set, Buffalo MSS V.C.1.C). The third setting of the page proofs were printed in September 1921.

Other Markings

MSS V.C.2.A.1.i.a & 1.i.b, pp. [1] have traces of the affixed date stamps, although the stamps are no longer known to be extant (though the date stamp from 1.i.b was reproduced in JJA 22.002; see Dating, for a complete listing of the dates) and on 1.i.b Beach wrote "(contains no correction) Beach" in the center at the top of the page in pencil.

On MS V.C.2.A.2.i.a, p. 17 there are traces of the affixed date stamp, although it too is no longer known to be extant; 2.i.b, p. 17 has a date stamp affixed in the left margin and Beach wrote "Beach" in the upper right margin and made another, illegible marking in pencil in the middle of the right margin and 2.iii.b, p. 17 is marked "Dup" (underlined) in the upper left corner in pencil, possibly in Beach’s hand.

On MS V.C.A.3.i.a, p. 33 "p. 30" is written in pencil in the upper left corner, possibly in Beach’s hand.

MS V.C.A.4.i.a has printers’ marks in pencil on most pages and 4.ii.b has printers’ instructions in pencil, including p. 51 that is marked "Placard VII" in the upper right corner, presumably by the printer, and p. 59 is marked "Placard VIII" in the upper right corner, also presumably by the printer.

On MS V.C.A.5.i.a, p. 65 Beach wrote "Beach" in the upper right corner in pencil, and throughout the proof the printer has penciled in revised page numbers, altering the page numbering to "69–82"; 5.i.b, p. 65 has a printers’ date stamp affixed in the left margin; 5.ii.a, p. 67 is marked "Placard IX" in the upper right corner in pencil, presumably by the printer, p. 78 is marked "Placard X" in the upper right corner in pencil, presumably by the printer, and on pp. 68 and 77 Joyce’s note "italics", in black ink, has been circled in pencil, also presumably by the printer.

Joyce used pencil lines at times to indicate the placement of the additions; they often do not appear in the JJA reproductions. There are also printers’ marks, signatures and instructions in pencil on some pages.

There are printers’ markings in blue crayon on the following pages: MSS V.C.2.A.1.ii.a, pp. 13 and 15; 2.ii.a, pp. [24–27]; 3.ii.a, pp. 39 and 40; 4.ii.b, pp. [53] and [56]; 5.i.a pp. [70] and 5.ii.a pp. [70–73] and 80.


The following MSS have been reproduced in black-and-white photo-facsimile in the JJA:

New MS Number V.C.2.A. Spielberg Number Gathering and Setting JJA
1.i.a V.C.1.1.a 1.1 22.003–018
1.i.b, p. 003 V.C.1.1.b 1.1 22.002
1.ii.a V.C.1.1.c 1.2 22.019–034
1.ii.b V.C.1.1.d 1.2 22.035–048
2.i.a V.C.1.2.a 2.1 22.067–082
2.i.b, p. 017 V.C.1.2.b 2.1 22.066
2.i.c V.C.1.2.c 2.1 22.083–098
3.i V.C.1.3.a 3.1 22.117–132
3.ii.a V.C.1.3.b 3.2 22.133–148
4.i.a V.C.1.4.a 4.1 22.167–182
4.ii.a V.C.1.4.c 4.2 22.183–198
4.ii.b V.C.1.4.d 4.2 22.199–214
5.i.a V.C.1.5.a 5.1 22.233–248
5.i.b, p. 65 V.C.2 5.1 22.232
5.ii.a V.C.1.5.b 5.2 22.249–264

The remaining manuscripts have not been reproduced, but the marked copies of some of these galley proofs have been reproduced in JJA 22.099–114, 149–164, 215–230 and 265–280.2


All the duplicate, marked copies of final settings of the proofs are part of the Hanley Collection, in the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University Texas at Austin.

Some leaves are detached. The folds are worn and at times tattered or split. The outer edges of the sheets do not seem to have been machine cut.

  1. Spielberg’s numeration has been standardized as follows: for example, what Spielberg designated as V.C.1.1a has been rendered here as V.C.1.i.a and what was designated as V.C.1.2a has been rendered as V.C.1.ii.a, etc.
  2. JJA 22.231 states that there are no copies of the third setting of gathering 5 at Buffalo, but see Michael Groden (comp.), James Joyce’s Manuscripts: An Index (New York; London: Garland, 1980), p. 163.