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IV.B.4: Occasional Verses

“Troppa grazia, Sant’ Antonio!” (1926)

Material Description and Collation

The manuscript is a loose sheet of onionskin paper, double-spaced typewritten top (original) copy in black ribbon; the verso is blank.


“Troppa grazia, Sant’ Antonio!”


The manuscript measures 27.5 x 21.4 cm.


The manuscript is a limerick about Ezra Pound.


The typist dated the manuscript 19 November 1926 in Paris but the letter to Pound is tentatively dated by Ellmann as [?8 November 1927] (see LIII 166).

Other Markings

The manuscript is signed and dated by the typist, possibly Sylvia Beach: “Giacomo Giocondo | Parigi, 19-11-1926”.


This manuscript has been reproduced in black and white photo-facsimile on JJA 1.336 and appears in slightly different version in JJII (p. 597), where it is quoted from a letter to Ezra Pound (?8 November 1927; see LIII 166). It has been published in PSW, p. 135.


Joyce gave this manuscript to Sylvia Beach. There is a note with the manuscript in her hand in blue ink that reads: “about the £1 note JJ returned | to Ezra Pound and EP refused”.