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Common Problems & Solutions

You must be an active student/faculty/staff member of the University at Buffalo to access the Course Reserve system. Online course reserve is readily accessed via computer workstations found in the UB Libraries. However, your personal computers may have software and/or setting configurations that make obtaining online course reserve challenging. If you are having difficulty getting the online reserve material you need, use the troubleshooting chart below.

For additional help please Contact us at 716-645-2821 or by email

Troubleshooting General Problems

Problem Possible Solution
When I search by course and/or instructor I get " There were no items that matched your search request " message. You searched incorrectly or your instructor's materials have not been processed yet - wait a day or so and try again.

If you receive the same message contact Course Reserve Services at (716) 645-1324 or by email at
When I click on a Full-text document link I get " File not Found on Server " message. Contact the Course Reserve Department at (716) 645-1324 or by email at
I am being prompted for a UserName and Password . If you are accessing material from off the UB computing network, you will be prompted, after selecting the full-text document, to authenticate yourself as currently affiliated with the University at Buffalo.

Troubleshooting PDF Problems

Problem Possible Solution
Acrobat does not start when I click on the link to a PDF file.
  • Right-click on the link to the PDF document and save it on your computer:
    • Chrome: Click "Save Link As".
    • Firefox: Click "Save Link As".
    • Internet Explorer: Click "Save Target As".
  • Double click on the file you have saved. If Acrobat Reader has been installed on your computer, it should launch and display the document.
Acrobat starts but the document does not display.

Some PDF files are very large and take a long time to download. Also, the server may experience slowdowns during times of peak activity.

Look at the status bar (at the bottom of your browser window where the document is loading) and see if it indicates that a document is being downloaded.

  • If downloading activity is occurring, you may need to just give it more time.
  • If downloading activity is not occurring (or appears to be "stuck"), then you may either click your browser's BACK button and try again, or try saving the PDF file to your computer (see above) and opening it from there.
Document displays sideways or upside down. Click the Rotate View Clockwise or Rotate Counter Clockwise button on the Acrobat tool bar until the document appears right side up.  Note: right click on the tool bar to display additional buttons if necessary.
Document size needs to be changed (e.g. document is too small to read on the screen). Use the Select and Zoom tool on the Acrobat tool bar to change document's display size. You can click on the "-" and "+" signs, or use the drop down percentages menu.
Document does not print.
  • Try using the print button on the Acrobat tool bar (rather than your browser's print function). On the print dialog box that appears, make sure that the option to "Print to file" is unchecked.
  • If print icon is grayed out, it may mean that the document's security prevents printing.
  • Additional help on printing can be found at Adobe's support site.
Document takes a very long time to print.

Some factors that affect print time:

  • The size of the file
  • The type of network connection with which you are working
  • The speed of the computer on which you are working
  • The type and memory of the printer you are using
Document prints only odd or even pages. Select the "Even and Odd Pages" option on the Acrobat print dialog box (that appears when you click the printer icon).
Document prints as mirror image. Select the "Print as image" option on the Acrobat print dialog box (that appears when you click the printer icon).