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Common Problems & Solutions

You must be an active student, faculty, or staff member of the University at Buffalo to access the Course Reserve system. E-books are readily accessed via computer workstations found in the UB Libraries. However, your personal computers may have software and/or setting configurations that make obtaining access to e-book challenging. If you are having difficulty getting the course reserve material you need, use the troubleshooting chart below.

For additional help please Contact us at 716-645-2821 or by email.

Troubleshooting General Problems

Problem Possible Solution
When I search by course and/or instructor I get "There were no items that matched your search request" message. You searched incorrectly or your instructor's materials have not been processed yet - wait a day or so and try again.
If you receive the same message contact Course Reserve Services at 716-645-2821 or by email at
The link for the eBook I am trying to access is not working. Contact the Course Reserve Department at 716-645-2821 or by email at
I am being prompted for a UserName and Password. If you are accessing an eBook from off campus, you will be prompted to log in with your UBIT name and password, in order to authenticate yourself as currently affiliated with the University at Buffalo.