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Finding Maps

The Map Collection contains a variety of types of maps and other cartographic materials. To help you find a particular kind of a map, the guides below have been created. They will help you find various maps in the Map Collection using the appropriate finding tools, which are also described in these guides. These finding tools range from the UB Libraries Catalog to specialized indexes and databases.

Most the University at Buffalo maps and atlases are cataloged in the Libraries' Catalog. There is also a list of some of our uncataloged map collections.

  • Map Indexes

    Indexes to U.S. topographic maps.

  • Uncataloged Maps

  • Aeronautical Charts

    Aeronautical charts provide basic air navigation data.

  • Antiquarian & Rare Maps

    Most antiquarian maps in the Map Collection are facsimiles, or exact reproductions, of very old maps.

  • Nautical Charts

    Nautical charts provide basic navigational data for ships on lakes, seas, and oceans.

  • Topographic

    Maps containing data on the natural features of the land, such as elevations, contours, water bodies, and other features, plus they may also contain man-made features such as roads, railroads, buildings and structures, etc.

  • Transportation

    Maps showing infrastructure for the areas they represent.

  • Thematic

    Maps that describe a specific topic, or theme.