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By Subject

If you know the subject specialist in your area, you may schedule an appointment. Please feel free to contact your Subject Librarian directly, ask for assistance at a Library Services Desk, email or chat with a librarian for additional assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.

Subject Area Librarian Name
African & African-American Studies Poremski, Molly
American Studies Poremski, Molly
Anatomy Aronoff, Nell
Anesthesiology Aronoff, Nell
Anthropology Estrada, Natalia
Architecture Orcutt, Rose
Archives Dunbar, Hope
Art Kicey, Michael
Arts Management Kicey, Michael
Asian Studies Poremski, Molly
Athletics Sajecki, Bryan
Biochemistry Aronoff, Nell
Bioethics Rose, Pamela
Bioinformatics Rose, Pamela
Biological Sciences Kim, Sam
Biophysics Rose, Pamela
Biostatistics Zafron, Michelle
Business Klotzbach-Russell, Carolyn
Canadian Studies Poremski, Molly
Caribbean Cultural Studies Poremski, Molly
Cell Biology Rose, Pamela
Census Klotzbach-Russell, Carolyn
Chemistry Stoss, Fred
Children's & Young Adult Literature Taddeo, Laura
Classics Kicey, Michael
Clinical Laboratory Sciences Aronoff, Nell
Communication Kamela, Mary
Communicative Disorders and Sciences Rose, Pam
Community Health and Health Behavior Zafron, Michelle
Comparative Literature Kicey, Michael
Complementary/Alternative Medicine Rose, Pamela
Computational and Data-Enabled Science & Engineering Rowley, Erin
Computer Science Hackenberg, Jill
Consumer Health Rose, Pamela
Cora P. Maloney College Thomas, Nicole
Dance Chiarella, Deborah
Dental Medicine Hollister, Jessica
Dermatology Aronoff, Nell
Early Christian Church Kicey, Michael
Economics Klotzbach-Russell, Carolyn
Education Poremski, Molly
Emergency Medicine Aronoff, Nell
Engineering Rowley, Erin
Carpenter, Beth
Wood, Ally
Engineering Education Rowley, Erin
Carpenter, Beth
Wood, Ally
English & American Literature Taddeo, Laura
Environment and Sustainability Stoss, Fred
Environmental Geosciences Stoss, Fred
Epidemiology and Environmental Health Zafron, Michelle
Evolution, Ecology & Behavior Stoss, Fred
Exercise Science & Nutrition Sciences Zafron, Michelle
Family Medicine Aronoff, Nell
Finance Klotzbach-Russell, Carolyn
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Kim, Sam
Geography, Human Kim, Sam
Geography, Physical Kim, Sam
Geology Stoss, Fred
Geriatrics Aronoff, Nell
German Language & Literature Kicey, Michael
Global Gender Studies Poremski, Molly
Government Information – U.S. - Business, economics, and statistical information Klotzbach-Russell, Carolyn
Government Information - U.S. - Law Cascio, Nina
Chapman, Rebecca
Detweiler, Brian
Walsh, Tiffany
Water, Austin
Graphic Novels Taddeo, Laura
Historical & Manuscript Collection Cogley, Sarah
Elia, Marie
History Kicey, Michael
Honors College Kamela, Mary
Immunology Rose, Pamela
Indigenous Studies Chapman, Rebecca
Interdisciplinary Degree Programs Walsh, Tiffany
Jewish Studies Kicey, Michael
Law Belniak, Theo
Cascio, Nina (Foreign & International)
Chapman, Rebecca
Detweiler, Brian
Walsh, Tiffany
Waters, Austin
Latino/a Studies Poremski, Molly
Learning & Instruction Poremski, Molly
Library & Information Science Poremski, Molly
Linguistics Poremski, Molly
Love Canal Stoss, Fred
Management Klotzbach-Russell, Carolyn
Mathematics Nichols, Keith
Media Study Kicey, Michael
Medicine & Biomedical Sciences Aronoff, Nell
Meteorology Stoss, Fred
Microbiology Rose, Pamela
Molecular Biology Rose, Pamela
Multi-Media/Streaming Resources Taddeo, Laura
Cunningham, Kate
Music Chiarella, Deborah
Neurology Aronoff, Nell
Neurosurgery Aronoff, Nell
Newspapers, Historical Kicey, Michael
Newspapers, Current Klotzbach-Russell, Carolyn
Nuclear Medicine Aronoff, Nell
Nursing Lyons, Amy
Nutrition Zafron, Michelle
Obstetrics/Gynecology Aronoff, Nell
Occupational Therapy Zafron, Michelle
Ophthalmology Aronoff, Nell
Otolaryngology Aronoff, Nell
Pathology Aronoff, Nell
Pediatrics Aronoff, Nell
Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences Maloney, Molly
Philosophy Kicey, Michael
Physical Therapy Zafron, Michelle
Physics Nichols, Keith
Physiology Aronoff, Nell
Planning, Urban & Regional Orcutt, Rose
Poetry/Poetics Fraser, Alison
Maynard, James
Polish Studies Orcutt, Rose
Political Science Klotzbach-Russell, Carolyn
Psychiatry & Behavioral Disorders Aronoff, Nell
Psychology Nichols, Keith
Public Health Zafron, Michelle
Radiation Oncology Aronoff, Nell
Rare Books Fraser, Alison
Maynard, James
Reference, Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Taddeo, Laura
Reference, Health Sciences Zafron, Michelle
Reference, Science & Engineering Stoss, Fred
Regional History Cogley, Sarah
Elia, Marie
Rehabilitation Science Zafron, Michelle
Religious Studies Kicey, Michael
Romance Languages & Literatures Poremski, Molly
Social Work Sajecki, Bryan
Sociology Klotzbach-Russell, Carolyn
Sports Medicine Aronoff, Nell
Surgery Aronoff, Nell
Theatre Chiarella, Deborah
Toxicology Aronoff, Nell
Transnational Studies Poremski, Molly
UB History Cogley, Sarah
Elia, Marie
Urban & Regional Planning Orcutt, Rose
U.S. Government Information See Government Information
Urology Aronoff, Nell
Visual Studies Kicey, Michael
Women's Health Aronoff, Nell